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Bowman graduates are uniquely prepared to take on challenging roles within their families, communities, and professions. The formative years spent discovering their talents and abilities through hands-on learning in an environment that values respect, responsibility, and independence spark motivation for addressing the large questions facing our world today. From social justice to science, Bowman alumni continue to be active and forward-thinking.


Where are they now?

High Schools Colleges Careers
Bellarmine Brown Director at Everdream Pictures
Castilleja Carnegie Mellon Teacher
Gunn Dartmouth Software Engineer at The Trade Desk
Notre Dame High School Belmont Occidental Nurse at Kaiser
Palo Alto High School Princeton Consultant at Bain & Co.
Pinewood Santa Clara Realtor at Alain Pinel Realtors
Stuart Hall Swarthmore Engineer at GoogleX
Crystal Springs Uplands School The George Washington University Political Fundraiser - Washington DC
Woodside Priory School Various UC campuses Lawyer at Paul Hastings LLP
Crystal Springs Uplands School Princeton University Editor at Stanford Social Innovation Review
Menlo High School University of Southern California Luxury Property Realtor
Woodside Priory School Santa Clara University Project Lead - Venture Capital Firm
Notre Dame High School Belmont Purdue University Peace Corps - South Africa
Crystal Springs Uplands School Yale University Jazz Musician


Nina Venuti

“Curiosity, love of learning, self-motivation and confidence—all developed at Bowman—are necessary in my job.”

Nina Venuti, a Bowman Alumna, doesn’t shrink from the task of trying to answer some of the most difficult environmental questions. She is a research assistant at California Sea Grant, a program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that harnesses the resources of the federal government, the State of California, and universities across the state to conduct applied research.
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Tom Winget

“Exposure to a wide variety of interests, opportunities to pursue in-depth topics, learning the ‘why’ mindset, and experiencing collaboration gave me the tools to be successful.”

Tom Winget, an alumnus that is set to graduate from Ohio State with degrees in computer science and engineering attributes his success to the foundation he developed through Bowman’s individualized learning approach. Tom and a few of his academic peers were ardently moving through the math curriculum ahead of the rest, so his teacher customized lesson plans to enable their subject-area acceleration. “It created a nice collaborative and competitive environment—competitive in the motivational sense,” Tom remembers.
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Sophie Romans

“I loved that Bowman was very creative in the teaching of concepts. We were always encouraged to explore subjects more deeply.”

Sophie Romans, now Senior Associate Consultant at a leading worldwide management consulting firm, Bain & Company, is confident that Bowman provided the foundation for her successful school to career journey. She expresses appreciation for Bowman’s Montessori approach, which empowered her to set her own goals—and reach them. Learning to be self-motivated, organizing her day, and seeking out the next steps were critical for smooth transitions to ever-higher challenges. Sophie claims, “When I got to high school I felt very comfortable with my ability to self-motivate and organize my time.”
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What Alumni Say: Memories of the Bowman Years

1Matthew Gonsalves, Class of 2013
“Bowman's time management skills helped me to achieve the Honor Roll Award at the competitive Serra High School, and their encouragement of conversation helped me to make friends and develop important relationships with teachers and faculty at my school.”
2Nolan Matcovich, Class of 2013
“Not only did Bowman help me a lot in the process of finding and applying to high schools, but it also helped me find and start pursuing some of my greatest passions. The Montessori work ethic has also helped me so much, both in and out of school.”
3Gabriela Brown, Class of 2010
“The spirit of curiosity that Bowman encouraged carried me through high school and college.”
4Robin Osekowsky - Class of 2011
“Bowman prepared me to be independent and explore new fields of study.”
5Morgan Hunter, Class of 2007
“The freedom given by Bowman's philosophy of learning at my own pace let me pursue my interests.”

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The mission of the Alumni Association is to create a lifelong and worldwide community through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement that increase pride, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment to the Bowman School. The Association is a vibrant group of hundreds of former students who continue to cultivate close connections that inspire members to support each other, brainstorm and network opportunities, and nurture the next generation of Bowman learners.

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