For nearly 25 years, Bowman School has been dedicated to preparing children for their futures in an ever-changing, globalizing world. This includes unique opportunities focused on individualized learning plans, cultural awareness, time management, respect of others, and collaboration skills that have contributed to the continual success of our students as they move on to high school, college, and careers.

This year, we expanded the educational impact for our students, as well as our community, with the new Learning Village site.

Bowman families, staff, alumni, and friends have contributed to our first-ever Capital Campaign with an astounding $3 million towards the Learning Village. The Bowman Community has been deeply invested in our mission and values throughout the history of our school, and we are honored by their generosity and commitment.

As we grow with new buildings, resources, and opportunities, Bowman will maintain the same commitment in encouraging all students to Discover. Create. Become.

Learning Village: Opened Fall 2019

1. The IDEALab

Provides students with a dedicated space for STEAM and enrichment activities, including a science and media lab, woodshop, and maker center.

2. The Children’s House

Includes three- and four-year-olds in two multi-age classrooms with specially designed indoor and outdoor environments to set a foundation for future Bowman learners.

3. Gymnasium/Multi-purpose Building

Allows for hosting school-wide activities, on-site sports practices, and community events.

4. Stage

Expands our commitment to the performing arts as a means to stimulate students’ creativity, self-expression, and confidence.

5. Outdoor Learning Environments

Offers open-ended interactions, exploration, discovery, and connection with nature through our science gardens, greenhouse, sunken learning circle, patios, walkways, and terraces.

Annual Fund donation opportunities coming soon

Why Bowman?

BOWMAN IS: Innovation • CommunicationRigorous Academics • Mind-body Balance • Global Perspective • Exploration & Discovery • Love of LearningHands-on Experience • Arts Education • Outdoor Learning • Curiosity • CreativityCulture of Collaboration • Community • Culture • Values • Forward Thinkers • Self-expression • Distinguished Educators • Movers & Shakers • Ready for Challenges • Montessori Methodology • Diversity • Individualized Learning • Integrated Curriculum • Dynamic Environment • Leadership and ResponsibilitySTEAM (STEM + Arts) • Inclusiveness • Self-direction • Experiential Learning