What Can Bowman Do for Your Child?

Imagine your child enthusiastically exploring ideas and challenging their abilities in a Montessori environment that is alive with movement and filled with materials specially designed to meet their individual developmental needs. This is how Bowman students learn and grow every day.

The Learning Environment

Children have a basic human need to explore—and Bowman provides an optimal learning environment where they can do just that. Every learning space, from classrooms to gardens, are carefully prepared with learning labs and hands-on tools that invite children to question, examine, and analyze. Self-directed and individualized learning form the foundation of the educational experience at Bowman. All students engage in planning their daily and weekly goals, from core academics to special topics and projects. In collaboration with their teachers, students also evaluate and communicate their own progress toward self-defined goals. Bowman recognizes that each child possesses a unique set of learning strengths and challenges, so the pace of learning in each subject is not limited by a traditional grade-structured curriculum. As a result, students develop confidence, a sense of responsibility, and a true love of learning.


Bowman teachers are specially trained in the Montessori approach to education and develop a personal understanding of each student’s unique learning needs by guiding them in small, multi-age classrooms for two to three sequential years. Our teachers are skilled in integrating subject matter—from science to art and history— which highlights a “big picture” view for students. As a result, ideas become personally meaningful for students, both in their day-to-day context as well as in shaping understanding of the world-at-large.


Throughout the daily learning activities at Bowman, students are engaged in planning, coordinating, and accomplishing tasks that contribute to the development of essential life skills, including self-direction, critical thinking, and time management. Our multi-age classrooms provide students the opportunity for deep social development and appreciation for individual differences. Students of varying ages and abilities collaborate to maintain the control and organization of their learning environments through activities such as caring for classroom pets and plants as well as problem-solving interpersonal and classroom challenges.

Students learn these skills and values while immersed in a rigorous academic exploration of core subjects, world languages, humanities, the arts, technology, and the outdoors. Students enjoy resources that enable hands-on learning and computer-based experiments to investigate academic concepts. In addition, Bowman brings in native-speaking teachers to lead lessons in Mandarin and Spanish, that tie into studies of humanities through singing, dancing, arts and crafts, cooking, and holiday celebrations. Students also experience broad introductions to the arts that includes an esteemed visiting artist program which brings professional musicians, dancers, and actors right into the classroom. Bowman’s Outdoor Education Program and field trips give students the opportunity to further their environmental concepts and competence.

A Student, A Teacher, and A Parent talk about Bowman

The Bowman Benefit

Approach Resulting Benefit
Individualized learning/self-determination Meets the unique development needs of each child to reach their full potential
Self-advocacy model Encourages student to speak up, use creative thinking, and to participate
Multi-age classrooms Builds leadership, collaboration, and connections with other
Rigorous academics incorporating real-world experiences Creates confidence for meeting challenging problems
Encouragement of responsible citizenship in a diverse world Develops tomorrow’s leaders in social advocacy, business, politics, education, and life
STEAM Leads to innovative, critical-thinkers

How are we doing?

National percentile scores compared with other U.S. private schools

What’s Montessori Education Really About

This fun 5-minute video succinctly explains the Montessori philosophy and its advantages over conventional education.

Parent Engagement

We welcome parents to become our partners in maintaining the vitality of the Bowman School. Each family has unique talents, abilities, and ideas to contribute—and that’s what makes our learning community so extraordinary.

Bowman parents are enthusiastic participants in the day-to-day activities, on and off campus. From volunteering to chair an event to organizing snacks or facilitating community-wide communication, there’s always a way to pitch in! Parent involvement strengthens our shared goal of providing a strong educational foundation for students based on the values of hands-on learning, working together, and taking responsibility.

But, our parents also know that it takes more than community spirit and elbow grease to sustain the outstanding academics and culture at Bowman. And, that’s why we are so proud that nearly 100% of our parents gave to the Annual Fund last year. High participation levels like this helps raise additional mission-critical dollars from outside funding organizations that enables us to continue achieving exceptional educational results.

While parents initially select Bowman School for the educational experience desired for their children, they discover that the Bowman community becomes valuable for the entire family.

What Our Kids Say About Bowman

Why Bowman?

BOWMAN IS: Innovation • CommunicationRigorous Academics • Mind-body Balance • Global Perspective • Exploration & Discovery • Love of LearningHands-on Experience • Arts Education • Outdoor Learning • Curiosity • CreativityCulture of Collaboration • Community • Culture • Values • Forward Thinkers • Self-expression • Distinguished Educators • Movers & Shakers • Ready for Challenges • Montessori Methodology • Diversity • Individualized Learning • Integrated Curriculum • Dynamic Environment • Leadership and ResponsibilitySTEAM (STEM + Arts) • Inclusiveness • Self-direction • Experiential Learning